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Discover the Advantages of Hiring Tile and Stone Installations

We perform all types of tile services such as laying porcelain, tiles, floor, coatings, decorative stones, glass blocks and much more.


Your kitchen should be a showcase. We make sure any Ceramic, porcelain Glass or mosaic is your dream backsplash or floor, from start to finish.
We provide Professional Intallation with Breathtaking results.


Porcelain, Glass or stone tiling for you next bathroom remodel. It can last almost forever with little to no maintenance. With the right design and expert installation we can turn your bathroom in to a masterpiece.

Flooring Projects

Expert flooring can give your floors. A look of elegance & durability.
A beautiful natural looking with Tile, Engineering flooring, hardwood Flooring is often the best choice for your next.

Outdoor Living

Let us Know exactly what your looking for, features and aesthetics. We'll deliver breathtaking Results, We turn dream into reality

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  • Waterfalls
  • Pool deck
  • Patio
  • Walk away
  • Retainer wall

Pool & Spa Renovation

Precision Tile & Stone Co
We specialize in Pool & Spa Renovation.
Let us know exacly what your
Looking for, features and aesthetics, We'll deliver breathtaking Results, We turn dream into reality.
We'll transform your Pool & Spa with

  • Water Edge Tile
  • Pool coping
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  • Waterfalls
  • Pool Plastering

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Contact us and request a estimate tailored to the needs of your work, whether for installation of porcelain, placement of floors and tiles or works with decorative stones and tiles.

Recently Executed Projects

Flooring, porcelain, tile and decorative stone placement services recently completed.

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Brands we Work


LATICRETE NEW LATICRETE®️ was the first manufacturer of tile and stone installation materials to earn and offer the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's (GEI) certification. Explore our new Premium Products


Discover the Warmth and Comfort of Radiant Floor Heating Say goodbye to drafty rooms, chilly wood floors and cold bathroom tiles. The moment you step on a ThermoSoft heated floor, you’ll appreciate the difference it makes to the comfort of your family. Radiant floor heating feels luxurious, but it also has practical benefits: it offers clean, energy-efficient warmth without the allergens or dry air associated with traditional forced-air heat. Electric floor heating is an affordable upgrade to your home that can be installed under any floor type in any space – from a single room to an entire house. No regular maintenance and long-term dependability mean your underfloor heat will keep you comfortable and happy for years to come.


Systems Warmup has a complete range of electric floor heating solutions and smart controls for new-construction and renovations.

Schluter Systems

Shower System Contrary to popular belief, tiles and grout joints are not inherently waterproof, and must be installed in conjunction with a waterproofing system that effectively manages moisture and prevents mold growth. The Schluter®️-Shower System is an integrated family of products that together form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled showers. The Schluter®️-Shower System eliminates the risk of failures due to water and vapor penetration and dramatically reduces total installation time. From drains to shower benches to waterproofing pipe seals, Schluter®️-Systems offers everything you need to ensure a dependable and watertight installation.